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Cincinnati Zoo Fiona The Hippo Apparel and Gifts

Fiona The Hippo is turning four! Celebrate with Rally House and the Cincinnati Zoo for Fiona's birthday on January 24th. Fiona was born 6 weeks premature at the Cincinnati Zoo and if the smallest hippo to ever survive, which made adorable Fiona an international superstar! Pick up one or all of our Fiona The Baby Hippo t-shirts from your local Rally House in-store on your way to the Cincy Zoo to see cute baby Fiona on her birthday.

When Fiona was born, no one expected her to survive. Bibi, her mother, gave birth six weeks early, and the baby only weighed 29 pounds. Most hippos weigh between 55 and 120 pounds at birth; premature babies rarely pull through. Fiona received round-the-clock care that included nurses from Cincinnati Children's Hospital who located her tiny veins for an IV during a scary time of dehydration. Scientists at the zoo milked a hippo for the first time, having no idea what was in hippo's milk, they were able to recreate the formula for Fiona's bottles.

Everything was documented through social media, and overnight, Fiona became a world-wide sensation. A symbol of resilience and positivity, Fiona has been called sassy and classy social media sensation that has united us all. If Fiona's story has won you over like it has for Cincinnatians and others across the world, celebrate with the Cincinnati Queen Fiona t-shirt and #TeamFiona!