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Rally from home when your team is playing away with K-State Wildcats pajamas. This is a different kind of gameday gear. This is KSU slippers, flannel sleep pants, yelling from the Wildcats recliner kind of gear. This is dressing them in their baby pajamas and handing over their Wildcats plush toy kind of gear. This is staying in bed and still representing with K-State socks, plaid boxers and underwear. This is throwing on your favorite KSU hoodie and filling up your best K-State mug. This is K-State Wildcats away gameday and we won't be stopped from rallying on by staying in! EMAW!

For cozy KSU pajama nights and relaxed gamedays at home, find your local Wildcats Rally House stores. Order online to have K-State Wildcats gear delivered to your house or your nearby Rally House location.