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Indianapolis Clowns Merch | Negro League Baseball Apparel and Memorabilia

There's something special when sports and comedy come together, and that's exactly what the Indianapolis Clowns did during their time in the Negro Leagues. What started as pure entertainment eventually evolved into a professional baseball team that manages to incorporate hilarious tactics and stunts to get the crowd going. That's why it's no surprise there are so many fans to this day. Thankfully, Rally House has the Clowns merch you want in our selection of Negro League Baseball merchandise!

Rep the Indy Clowns with Gear from Rally House

The Indianapolis Clowns were unique in NLB, and not only because they were comedic, but also because of star players like Hank Aaron. Thankfully, you can get all sorts of awesome Clowns gear when shopping at Rally House, like baseball caps and sports memorabilia. This throwback merch will have you standing out at the ballpark or watch parties while letting everyone know you're a lifelong fan of baseball!

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